You Don't Need a Copywriter



You want to make it EASY for potential customers to become actual buyers

(and more than once).


You want to forge a deep emotional connection with your target market so they feel like you “get them”

(more than ANY of your competitors do).


You want your Marketing and Advertising to speak directly to customers’ burning needs and pain points

(that motivate them to buy from you).

“Using one of your strategies, I'm securing client contracts upwards of 5 figures — $15,000 and $20,000. Thanks to you, I have become more specific about which clients I want to work with and what types of services I want to offer. I'm in a better position to scale my business right now — without working myself to death.”

Satya Kothimangalam, Entrepreneur & Marketing Consultant

“Joshua Lisec commits to doing what is in his authors’ best interest every single time. Couple that commitment of his with professionalism and integrity, and I knew I had to find a way to work with him. He is willing to adapt as needed for evolving projects. I’ve seen firsthand how this flexibility has ensured every change is for the better. A classic over-deliverer. I’m so grateful to have a colleague out there who is not only promoting his company, but mine as well. I know I am working with someone who will get things done each and every time. Personally? Each time I recommend someone to him, I know that the results will reflect well on me too. Working with someone who understands the way we do business in publishing as well as he does ensures that I don’t need to spend additional dollars where they aren’t required or where I would be forced to absorb them internally is a true asset.”

“Joshua Lisec commits to doing what is in his authors’ best interest every single time. A classic over-deliverer. Working with someone who understands the way we do business in publishing as well as he does…is a true asset.”

David Braughler, Publishing Consultant & Owner of Braughler Books LLC

“What Joshua Lisec has to say about marketing actually WORKS.

6 months into implementing what Joshua created for our marketing and sales outreach at H7, revenue has gone up by 80% overall.  Joshua played a big part in making that happen.”

“What Joshua Lisec has to say about marketing actually WORKS. 6 months into implementing what Joshua created for our marketing and sales outreach at H7, revenue has gone up by 80% overall. Joshua played a big part in making that happen.”

Angel Hicks, Co-Founder & Vice President, H7 Network

It’s no secret — Marketing is hard.

Contrary to our wishes, our customers don’t just stumble upon our products or services, read every piece of content like they’re cramming in a study session the night before a final exam, and in true Spock-like fashion think to themselves, “It is logical for me to purchase! I am completely convinced!”

Wouldn’t that be great?

Unfortunately, we live in no such world.

With 500,000 new businesses being launched every single MONTH around the world (yes, MONTH!!)…

And with Digital Marketing and Ad spending finally overtaking traditional outlets like TV and radio to get the word out about your business…

The marketplace is noisier than ever.

There are more competing products and services to choose from than ever.

And your potential customers are more distracted than ever (thanks to all those ads, emails, and landing pages)…

In this world, quality products and services just don’t “sell themselves” anymore.

Did you know?

At any given time, only 3% of your target market is actively looking for a product or service like yours. That means a whopping 97% has the NEED for your product or service – but they don’t quite know it yet.

Emotionally Compelling Marketing is the link between your product’s features, and what your 97% what most for their lives or businesses.

That’s why you need an edge.

A way to stand out and stand tall.

A way to make the value of your product or service just “click” for your customers.

A way to get noticed and hold that attention

…long enough to remove a buyer’s objections to purchasing.

…long enough to turn a skeptical prospect into a repeat customer who tells their friends about you.

…long enough to close the sale (over and over and over).

Fortunately, there IS such an edge.

It’s called… The Right Words.

The Right Words can inspire people to happily part with their hard-earned money and precious time.

(without feeling cheated)

The Right Words can motivate a prospect to leap off “the fence”, whip out their credit card, and buy whatever you’re selling.

(even if your website is a 2 out of 10 on a scale of Good Design)

The Right Words can position your business, your work, and yourself as the “Go-To” solution in your industry.

(even if your competitors have more experience or credentials)

The Right Words can launch that new product with confidence, knowing before you spend a dome on ads that your marketing messages will systematically persuade the masses.

(without resorting to an all-out Sleazefeast of “Buy now! Buy now!” messages)

But with every cake comes the calories.

Yes, you’re already investing in your business (and marketing it and advertising it).

Yes, you’re already doing whatever it takes to validate your first (or next) campaign so you spend wisely.

Yes, you do have value to deliver – value that you have oh so carefully prepped and packaged for your target market.

But here’s the thing:

All that time…

All that energy…

All that money you have invested…

Without The Right Words to do the heavy lifting of persuading your prospects to become tried-and-true customers one psychological “hook” at a time…

  • A website is just a resume about your business (not a 24/7 lead generation machine)
  • A marketing email is almost indistinguishable from spam (that doesn’t get opened or read)
  • And a Facebook ad doesn’t even earn a two-second glance (maybe a pity “Like” or two if you’re lucky)

In other words, there is A LOT riding on the power of The Right Words to amplify the effectiveness of all the marketing pieces, web pages, and advertisements you develop.

“So, what are my options?”

You could stare at an open Word Document for 12 hours, hoping and praying (and drinking triple shot espresso) that The Right Words will magically fall out of your brain and onto the page.


you could delegate the task to an employee or contractor who comes up with something that passes Spell Check.


You could bring in the guy who knows how to use The Right Words to:

  • create an emotional connection with your target market
  • make your online presence actually DO something for you (like churn out sales on autopilot), not just have your site sit there looking pretty
  • capture the exact “tone” of your brand’s voice so that you come across the way you want (and need)

The Right Strategy


The Right Words



Like these…

#1:  Nearly doubling the conversion rate of a client’s online sales form

#2:  Reaching open rates on marketing emails well above industry averages  (samples from recent campaigns I’ve run for clients)

#3:  Scoring over 620 new leads in less than 1 month (with nothing but Facebook ads)

What these numbers mean:

  • 65,161 people saw our client’s ad and learned about their company’s services.
  • 2,544 people visited our client’s website — and the tracking software we use sends them a follow-up ad, giving them another chance of becoming a lead.
  • 623 people became leads and subscribed to our client’s marketing & sales emails.
  • Only $567 in ad spending produced these results.
Wanna know the Secret Sauce behind results like these?

Click here to discover how my clients get results like these (consistently).

“A business that can market even slightly more effectively will be the one-eyed man in the land of the blind.

If you really take marketing’s power seriously, you can own your marketplace.”

~ Jay Abraham

All-Inclusive Services:

  • Website Copy
  • Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns
  • Lead Generation (Owned Marketing, Opt-In Autoresponders, etc.)
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Marketing Collateral (White Papers, Credibility-Boosting Articles)
  • Video Scripts
  • Market Research
  • Minimum Viable Product Validation
  • Brand Identity & Value Proposition
  • eCourse & Information Product Creation
  • Product Launch Strategy

Organizations I Work With:

  • Startups
  • Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Agencies and Firms (Digital, IT, etc.)
  • Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB’s)
  • Enterprise-level Organizations
  • Consultants, Solopreneurs, Freelancers
  • Nonprofits and Faith Based Organizations

My Clients’ Industries:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Apparel & Lifestyle
  • Artisanal / Boutique Products
  • Audiovisual Production
  • College & University
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Engineering & Applied Science
  • General Contractors (Painting, Refinishing, Flooring, etc.)
  • Health & Wellness
  • Human Resources
  • Infrastructure as a Service & Managed IT Solutions
  • IT Consulting
  • Marketing Agencies & Advertising Firms
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Personal Development
  • Personnel Services
  • Real Estate & Property Management
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • “Side Hustle” Entrepreneurship
  • Software as a Service
  • Wedding Services