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Expertise includes:

Become the “Go-To” Expert in Your Field
What Makes Marketing Actually Work
The Art of Emotionally Compelling Copy
Write Books Worth Reading

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Who Is Joshua Lisec?

A novelist turned copywriter turned business strategist, Joshua knows what it takes to tell an emotionally compelling story—in person, in print, and online.

While he models his Marketing Communications solutions after the best practices of persuasion and buyer psychology, Joshua’s true value to clients is his thorough knowledge of effective market research.

His services get clients the results they want not just because Joshua knows how to leverage the latest flashy lead generation software (even though he does), but also because he can take the findings of a market research survey and transform those plain facts and figures into a riveting message that gets customers excited to buy.

“Freaking EPIC. . . I am so impressed. Your advice on charging what you’re worth is some of the best I have seen on the topic.”
~ Bushra Azhar, Founder of The Persuasion Revolution
Ranked Among “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017” by The Huffington Post

Joshua is Primed and Prepped to Dump Buckets of Value onto Your Audience

Here are his areas of expertise…

Become the “Go-To” Expert in Your Field

Radically differentiate yourself from more experienced competitors and turn your target market into a captive audience (no price discounting, special credentials, or sleezy “Look at me in my [obviously rented] mansion!” videos required).

Joshua pulls out the best strategies and techniques to get noticed (and get clients) from his course Become The Go-To Freelancer of Your Niche that is empowering Solopreneurs, Consultants, and Freelancers to own their value, be recognized as leaders in their industries, and score 5 figure contracts…even while working solo!

What Makes Marketing Actually Work

Whether you are launching a product, giving your marketing a 21st century makeover, or getting your startup off the ground, you deserve to have a strategy in place before any web page, ad, or email is written.

Joshua’s unique blend of customer interviews and deep-dive “Immersion” (Market Research) guarantees that you will speak directly to your customers’ biggest needs, strongest pain points, and how your product or service is their perfect match.

The Art of Emotionally Compelling Copy

With 500,000 new businesses being launched every single MONTH around the world (yes, MONTH!!)… And with Digital Marketing and Ad spending finally overtaking traditional outlets like TV and radio to get the word out about your business… The marketplace is noisier than ever. Quality products and services just don’t “sell themselves” anymore.

That’s why your business needs an edge. A way to stand out and stand tall. A way to make the value of your product or service just “click” for your customers. A way to get noticed and hold that attention. The Art of Emotionally Compelling Copy (and a Marketing Communications strategy to unleash such Copy) is that way.

Write Books Worth Reading

…Without wasting time, losing your mind, or filling up your garage with extra copies nobody wants. According to The New York Times, 81% of Americans want to write a book. But so few actually follow through and do it. Joshua is on a mission to change that.

As an Author, Contributing Editor, and “Ghostwriter” – someone who transforms your ideas and stories into a publishable manuscript – of 17 books total, Joshua knows a thing or two about turning a book idea into a published book people want to read. Get that book idea out of your head, onto the page, and into the hands of readers who need to know what you have to say — taking to heart Joshua’s advice will help you do exactly that.

Audiences love Joshua (because he teaches useful sh*t).

Here’s proof:

“I took away a new approach to marketing—creating emotional connections. Business owners and marketing professionals NEED this information because it is such a change from the mainstream approach.”

– Mark Lankford, Butler County Small Business Development Center

“Through your workshop, I now understand that I need to stop fighting with my competitors for a tiny sliver of the market and instead go after all these people who need what I can offer.”

– Ed Bower, Zounds Hearing LLC

“You helped me re-solidify why I do what I do. I’ve got my eyes open to a new way of marketing, and I’m headed down the road of building relationships with prospects, not just going after transactions.”

– Eric Judd, Property & Casualty Insurance Agent

“The focus on HOW to create emotionally compelling messages—that’s what I took away from Joshua’s talk. With 40 years of business experience behind me, what you shared about marketing rocked my whole concept of how to market to people, and who I had been marketing to. Nobody has ever said that to me. And if they had, I would be in a different place today.”

– Raymond Gooch, Spectrum Career Services LLC

“At this workshop, I learned how to use stories and the art of storytelling to relate my business to prospects. I learned how to use emotions, not just facts.”

– Theresa Staffan, Business Owner

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